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Alzheimer's D.C. Advocacy Day - Town Hall with Council Member Gray - Shared screen with gallery view
Eric Colchamiro
After Michelle's response - I'd love to open it up to your questions. Please raise your hand or feel free to put it in the chat box, and I will read it out to all
Eric Colchamiro
Aida - thanks for the great question. Happy to discuss it more with you off-line. Please feel free to email me at ercolchamiro@alz.org to discuss
Aida Fitzgerald (she/her), Legal Aid Society of D.C.
Great. Thanks so much, Eric!
Kate Rooper
Aida - thank you for your work in advocating and fighting for those impacted by Alzheimer's and other dementia.
Kate Rooper
Roz Parker
Also kudos to IONA we were saddened to see early on during the pandemic that the program at St Alban's church was ending. Those activities and daily social interactions made a world of difference for my Mom and others who are able to live at home. It is critical that DC government do all it can to restore funding for these very important quality of life resources post pandemic. My Mom has Frontotemporal Dementia so thankfully she still very engaged and we want to keep her that way. Programs like the one at St Albans in her neighborhood are critical in doing that.
Roz Parker
And more broadly we need a post Pandemic assessment done of how many Adult Day Programs remain and then do all we can to find to press for the funding support needed to create more neighborhood based easily accessible programs throughout DC