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腦部健康新知/The Latest on Brain Health ( Presented in Mandarin)
擁有健康的生活方式永遠不會太早或太晚。 加入我們一同來學習健康的習慣以愛護我們的頭腦,及降低認知能力下降的風險,同時也了解華裔參與研究的重要性。

12:00-12:05 歡迎
12:05-12:35 莊友欽: 有益腦部和身體健康的生活方式:基於最新研究結果的建議
12:35-1:05 鄭文立醫師: 大腦保養何時開始?
1:05-1:30 莊子瑩: 總動員:共同促進華裔在失智症及照護研究中的代表性

It’s never too late or too early to have a healthy lifestyle. Join us to learn healthy habits to love your brain and reduce the risk of cognitive decline, and the importance of your voice in research.

12:00-12:05 Welcome
12:05-12:35 Kyle Chuang: Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body
12:35-1:05 Dr. Boon Lead Tee - When to Start Protecting
Your Brain?
1:05-1:30 Dr. Marian Tzuang - Having a Seat at the Table - Chinese Americans Research Participation


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